Desktop application development

Existek specializes in desktop software development, leveraging a blend of extensive technical proficiency, years of experience, and a profound
grasp of low-level desktop operating system architecture. This unique synergy empowers us to seamlessly navigate
the complete spectrum of desktop application development services. These comprehensive solutions are
meticulously tailored to address our customers' most intricate challenges.

What we do

Our expertise in desktop application development serves as the foundation for crafting an application that will truly impress your customers. Experience the blend of rich functionality, swift performance, and a user-friendly interface that delights. Our professional team excels at constructing innovative desktop solutions from the ground up. We're adept at modernizing legacy software, and crafting bespoke middleware to seamlessly connect your enterprise applications. Witness firsthand how we enhance your business processes, fostering agility and effectiveness.

Desktop application development

With our extensive expertise, we specialize in crafting licensed and boxed solutions across diverse platforms. Entrust your next groundbreaking product to us, as we possess a comprehensive in-house team comprising analysts, architects, UX/UI specialists, engineers, and QA experts. Your project's success is guaranteed with our end-to-end capabilities.

Research &

If you have a pioneering idea that requires extensive research and development for a suitable technological solution and implementation, look no further for assistance. At Existek, we specialize in crafting sophisticated yet efficient software and middleware for desktop platforms, boasting a track record of numerous technical accomplishments. Let us propel your concept towards fruition.

Desktop software modernization

Is your legacy application hindering your company's productivity or causing a drop in user retention rates? Outdated software can lead to a host of problems for your business, ranging from security vulnerabilities to stability issues. At Existek, we specialize in revitalizing outdated desktop software. Whether through modernization or a complete overhaul using state-of-the-art technologies, we can breathe new life into your software solutions.

UWP applications development

The Microsoft Store is the ideal option for anyone seeking to enhance the accessibility of their software for purchase among a wide range of Windows users. At Existek, we possess the expertise to proficiently create UWP applications from the ground up, or seamlessly convert an existing solution into the UWP format. This ensures compatibility across all devices compatible with Windows

Desktop software integration

Ensuring seamless data transfer and optimal workflow functionality within an enterprise IT environment is pivotal for the efficiency of contemporary distributed systems. Our expertise lies in developing intricate integration solutions and enhancements that harmonize all your business tools, enabling them to operate flawlessly as an interconnected system.


Existek offers exceptional API development services tailored to enhance connectivity among various solutions and services. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we possess the essential know-how to craft APIs that seamlessly integrate your product into diverse software ecosystems. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your software solution through optimized connectivity.

Innovation & excellence powered by latest technology


Middleware for desktop application integration

The Tech Hive team boasts top-tier experts who excel in crafting tailored middleware for seamless application-to-application integration, as well as for fusing web-based applications with desktop solutions.

At Existek, we amalgamate profound expertise in OS architecture with the necessary skills to harness the full spectrum of benefits that desktop applications offer to your business. Our seasoned software engineering team possesses the adeptness to engineer custom middleware, addressing even the most intricate hurdles presented by enterprise IT infrastructure. These challenges primarily pertain to the sharing of data and workflows across disparate systems.

Our expertise

After years of dedicated desktop software development for diverse industries including manufacturing, healthcare, energy, education, and more, we have garnered the expertise necessary to enhance your project with our knowledge. Our contributions aim to bolster the success of your product among consumers and within your organization.

Business intelligence

Tech Hive stands as a prominent company renowned for its extensive portfolio of meticulously crafted desktop applications designed to seamlessly handle substantial volumes of data. Our core mission revolves around aiding enterprises in attaining real-time analytical insights into their organizational performance. Our cutting-edge solutions empower businesses to swiftly and efficiently identify and eradicate operational bottlenecks, thereby optimizing their day-to-day processes. Unlock the potential of real-time analytics with Tech Hive – Your Partner in Performance Enhancement.

Healthcare & life science

We understand that minimizing the failure rate stands as the primary objective for any healthcare institution when creating a novel software application intended for such crucial and sensitive healthcare records. With Existek as your partner, you can rest assured that we will harness our extensive healthcare experience to deliver a dependable solution

Education & learning

We are adept at leveraging the complete array of desktop platform features to develop educational applications. The extensive accessibility tools offered by desktop operating systems, including speech and handwriting recognition, enable us to design educational apps that cater to students with special needs.

Manufacturing & automation

At Existek, we seamlessly blend our profound expertise in developing bespoke firmware for industrial automation systems with our adeptness in crafting sophisticated desktop software solutions. Our fusion of these skills empowers customers to ascend to unparalleled levels of control over their manufacturing equipment and processes. Experience the pinnacle of reliability and performance through our impeccable desktop applications, engineered to ensure seamless operations. Choose Existek for a future where precision meets perfection in manufacturing control.

Business process management

If you're seeking assistance with business process management solutions, our expertise lies in harnessing the unique capabilities of desktop software. Our range of features encompasses everything from paper document data recognition to seamless records transfer between web-based applications and desktop software. With us, you'll find a comprehensive suite of solutions to enhance your business processes.

ISVs & boxed software

Desktop application development services encompass a comprehensive in-house capability, assisting software vendors in the complete research, development, and enhancement of their boxed software products. Throughout the journey of new product launches, ongoing improvements, and maintenance, Existek stands as your reliable partner, navigating the challenges with you.

Our expertise

Having amassed years of experience in desktop software development for diverse industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and education, we are well-equipped to enhance your project with our expertise. Our contribution promises to elevate your product's success, whether it's targeted towards consumers or within your organization.

Full-cycle of the services

Existek provides a comprehensive range of services essential for crafting applications of any complexity, all conveniently housed under one roof. Our offerings encompass every stage of development, commencing from ground-zero and culminating in a polished final product. Our array of services spans product requirements analysis, UI/UX design, development, meticulous testing, as well as steadfast post-launch support and continuous updates.

High quality for lower price

Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, stands out as a frontrunner in the IT sector. With rates at least 30% lower than those in Europe or North America, substantial cost savings are achievable. These savings can be strategically allocated towards initiatives such as marketing, the development of new features, and other pivotal projects.

Agile methodologies

Utilizing Agile as our primary software development lifecycle model, our adept project managers and Scrum Masters work diligently to ensure the systematic fulfillment of your project's requirements, goals, and milestones.

Highly-skilled developers

With our skilled and certified engineers, our team excels in creating compelling applications with a focus on maintainable and secure code.


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